Covid-19 Taskforce Urges Regional Leaders To Improve Efforts In Suppressing Cases

Foto: Damar - Medcom

Foto: Damar - Medcom

JAKARTA - The Covid-19 numbers in Indonesia are getting better than the world average. Judging from the percentage figures, the number of active cases and cures in Indonesia is better than the world average. However, the percentage of death cases still needs to be suppressed.

The spokesperson for the Covid-19 Task Force, Prof. Wiku Adisasmito, conveyed this comparison using the case percentage method to facilitate comparison between one scope and another. Because using absolute numbers does not commensurate due to differences in usage.

"For example, the number of cases in the world will certainly always be higher than in Indonesia. Because world cases consist of various cases in all countries, while cases in Indonesia consist of only one country," he gave a press statement in an International Media Briefing at Graha BNPB, Tuesday (8/3/2021) broadcast on the BNPB Indonesia YouTube channel.

The development of active cases in Indonesia during the early days of the pandemic increased sharply. However, it continues to show a consistent decline, even quite drastically until October 2020. And from November 2020 to the present, the trend has been fluctuating and tends to be sloping, not as sharp as previous months.

Comparing to active cases in the world, in March 2020, it rose sharply; then the trend sloped down to early October 2020. This trend showed an increase during October and tended to return to the present. "Data per March 1, 2021, the ratio of active cases in Indonesia is 11.41%, and the world is 19.05%," Wiku added.

Slightly different from active cases, death cases in Indonesia have tended to fluctuate, increasing since the beginning of April 2020. In the following months, the percentage of deaths tended to decline. In the case of world deaths, it also increased sharply in March - April 2020. Then in line with Indonesia, the trend is sloping until now. And as of March 1, 2021, the percentage of Indonesia is 2.71%, and the world is 2.22%, with a difference of 0.5%.

The development is quite good on recovery rate in Indonesia. The percentage increases sharply until August 2020, then tends to slope. However, the number of patients recovered continues to this day. Compared to the world's healing, it experienced a drastic decline during March 2020 and then continues to increase until now. Data per March 1, 2021, the percentage of recovery in Indonesia is 85.88%. While in the world, it was 78.74%.

This development shows that Indonesia has a lower percentage of active cases than the world and a higher percentage of cure than the world. Indonesia must maintain this condition, and efforts continuously made to reduce the number of active cases to 0 cases. Death rates also need to be improved. "Not only the percentage but the number of deaths in Indonesia which has reached more than 36 thousand people, it is something that we can't tolerate," he added.

Every death case represents life, which requires seriousness to improve the quality of treatment so that the patient's recovery can continue to improve.

"For that, I ask all regional heads, from villages and sub-districts, regencies/cities, to provinces to reflect on this graph and continue to improve coordination and collaboration of all levels of society to achieve the best possible quality of handling Covid-19 to reduce transmission," Wiku concluded.

 Jakarta, March 8, 2021