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Ministry of Health data shows that 70% of the 8,230 patients who died from COVID-19 had not received full vaccination.

This proves that complete and booster vaccination can reduce the risk of hospitalization and death. Come on, protect ourselves and the people around us, immediately vaccinate when it's our turn.

Booster vaccination can increase immunity up to 2x compared to the second dose of vaccination.

Boosters can protect the elderly and vulnerable/comorbid community groups from COVID-19 transmission.

Currently the stock of the COVID-19 vaccine for boosters is more than enough, let's hurry to get a booster if it's your turn.

a. Targets who drop out in less than six months can be given a second vaccine with a different type of vaccine according to availability in each region.

b. For targets who drop out within more than six months, the primary vaccination is resumed 2 times and the vaccination can use a different type of vaccine from the original vaccine.

c. Considering that currently the number of Sinovac vaccines that are distributed is limited and is intended for children aged 6-11 years, those who drop out can use different types of vaccines and are available to complete the second dose by prioritizing vaccines that have the closest expiration date.

Immediately complete the booster dose by coming to the nearest health facility. Check the nearest health facility at https://covid19.go.id/faskesvaksin

VaksinLN or VNI Service is a service from Indonesia's  Ministry of Health dedicated to Warga Negara Indonesia (WNI) and foreigners (WNA) who were vaccinated outside Indonesia, in order to acknowledge their COVID-19 vaccination records integrated into Pedulilindungi app, to support their activity while in Indonesia.

The COVID-19 Vaccination Record that is valid is only for vaccination outside Indonesia, and or not included in Indonesia Government Program or Vaksinasi Gotong Royong.

source: Ministry of Health

My vaksinLN (VNI) submission is approved

Congratulations! Your VaksinLN (VNI) verification submission is approved.

To integrate your vaccination record to PeduliLindungi app, please choose the following step - by - step guide :

A. Claim Your VaksinLN (VNI) Certificate/Card at pedulilindungi.id website

  1. Login to PeduliLindungi using your account.
  2. Go to the top page (Dark Blue Banner) and click the Cek Sertifikat Anda di sini
  3. Input your data with guidance as follows :
    1. Nama (Name): Input your full name the same as your submission at VaksinLN
    2. NIK / Kode Negara + No Paspor (NIK & Passport Number): Input your Identity Number. For Indonesia Citizen, input your NIK, For Foreigner,input your 3 letter country code (as stated in your passport) continue with Passport Number, i.e: INAH87590
    3. Tanggal Lahir (Date of Birth) : input your date of birth
    4. Tanggal Vaksin (Vaccination Date) : input with the date of 1st dose of vaccination
    5. Jenis Vaksin (Type of Vaccine): Choose your type of vaccine as stated in your card.
  4. Please recheck all data, then click Periksa
  5. Cek the Sertifikat Vaksin menu, then you will have your Certificate available.

B. Claim Your VaksinLN (VNI) Certificate/Card Pedulilindungi apps 

  1. Login to your PeduliLindungi account
  2. In the homepage, Choose Vaccination & Imunnizaition menu, then choose COVID-19 Vaccination
  3. Then choose Vaccine Certificate menu and choose ‘Claim Certificate’ link
  4. Input your data with guidance as follows :
    1. Citizenship : choose your Citizenship.
    2. NIK : as Indonesia Citizen, input your NIK as stated in KTP and or KK
    3. Passport Number: For Foreigner, choose the country issuer and input your passport number
    4. Full Name : Input your full name the same as your submission at VaksinLN
    5. Born Date : input your date of birth
    6. Vaccine Type: Choose your vaccine type as stated in the card.
    7. Vaccination Date : input with the date your 1st dose of vaccination
  5. Please recheck all data, then click Claim
  6. Go to Vaccine Certificate menu, then you will have your Certificate available in the apps.

For those who have already claimed at least the 1st dose Vaccination card, the 2nd and 3rd Vaccination card will be retrieved automatically.

source: Ministry of Health

VNI (Vaksin LN) service is valid  for Indonesia Citizen (WNI) or Foreigner (WNA) with Non – Indonesia COVID-19 Vaccination record.

To integrate your Non – Indonesia Vaccination record to Pedulilindungi app, please refer to the following guide :

Before applying, please prepare the following data and documents:

  1. Personal Data & Proof of Identity in scanned or image format. Personal Data ID used is as follows:
    1. For Indonesia Citizen, using NIK in KTP and or Kartu Kelarga.
    2. For foreigner, using 3 Letter Country Code and Passport Number in the national Passport.
  2. Vaccination Record & Proof of Vaccination in soft copy and or scanned format. Please ensure you already have 2 full doses when applying.

For Vaksin LN (VNI) application, below is the step by step guide

  1. Login to PeduliLindungi using registerd email and or phone number. Please note that account/username that you registered in VaksinLN website is not connected to PeduliLindungi account
  2. Make sure you complete your profile with the following data : Full Name, Identification Number, Date of Birth, Phone Number Email Address
  3. Go to Vaccination & Immunization, then COVID-19 Vaccination, then Vaccine Non - Indonesia
  4. Tap the Vaccination Status Checking button to check your status
  5. If you have no submission record, please fill in your email address & choose number of vaccination that you want to input. Please make sure to upload your valid Identity Card.
  6. Fill in your vaccination data correctly as stated in the card. Please make sure to upload the correct card based on the vaccine number.
  7. Tap SUBMIT to confirm and you will have WAITING FOR APPROVAL status in Yellow.
  8. Please wait 3 - 5 working days for data verification.

If all your data is correct and valid, you will get APPROVED status in green, please do claim your VNI Card in Vaccine Certificate menu. If you get the REJECTED status in red, please resubmit with correct data or document based on the description in red banner.

sumber: Kemenkes

To serve you better, VaksinLN Website is moving to PeduliLindungi apps in order to simplify your journey to submit and access your vaccination data directly in the app.

During the maintenance period in 27 - 30 June 2022, you cannot access your submission status on the website, but no worries since your data is safe and will automatically be connected to your PeduliLindungi account.

You don’t need to resubmit because starting 30th June 2022 your submission status can be accessed in Vaccine COVID-19 menu in PeduliLindungi app version 4.4.7 above

Please make sure to complete your profile before checking the status.

sumber: Kemenkes

COVID-19 patients over the age of 18 with mild and asymptomatic symptoms can undergo self-isolation at home and receive free COVID-19 drug packages from the Ministry of Health through the isoman telemedicine service.

The service is available on 17 telemedicine platforms, but this program is only valid for patients with domicile and/or affiliated lab test results in the DKI Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Bekasi, Tangerang, Karawang, Bandung, Semarang Raya, Surakarta Raya, Kota Jogjakarta, Surabaya Raya, Malang Raya, Kota Denpasar, Nusa Dua, Medan, Palembang, Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, Manado, Makassar.

Here's how to get the Ministry of Health's isoman telemedicine service:

  • Perform PCR or ANTIGEN tests at health facilities/labs affiliated with the Ministry of Health. The list of labs can be seen through litbang.kemkes.go.id/laboratorium-pemeriksa-covid-19. Make sure you provide the appropriate NIK and an active WhatsApp number.
  • If you are 18 years and over and are positive and the test results have been inputted into the NAR PCR or ANTIGEN by the lab according to the confirmation date, then you will get an official WhatsApp from the Ministry of Health.

If not, you can check your eligibility independently using your NIK at isoman.kemkes.go.id.

  • If you have received a registered WhatsApp and/or NIK after self-check, do an online consultation with a doctor on a telemedicine platform in collaboration with the Ministry of Health to screen for conditions.

Enter the voucher code "ISOMAN" to start the consultation and inform the doctor that you are a COVID-19 patient in the Ministry of Health program.

  • After conducting an online consultation and being declared isoman worthy, the doctor will provide a digital prescription according to your condition which can be redeemed for FREE according to the conditions, namely Package A contains 1 type - Multivitamin or Package B contains 3 types - Multivimatin, Favipravir or Molnuxxx and Paracetamol (if needed).
  • To redeem a free prescription from the Ministry of Health, you need to fill out the order form at isoman.kemkes.go.id/pesan_obat by uploading a digital prescription (JPG or screen capture) provided by the doctor, ID card, and delivery address. Make sure you upload the appropriate prescription from 17 PLT, there are patient names and drug packages obtained. Make sure the address is correct and the mobile number is active.
  • The prescription will be verified by Kimia Farma Pharmacy for the provision of Package A or Packages, and processed for delivery. Types of drugs outside packages A or B are not given and can be redeemed independently by the patient.
  • The Ministry of Health in collaboration with the SiCepat delivery service will send the Medicine Package directly to your home address.

If you are positive for COVID-19, but did not receive WhatsApp from the Ministry of Health and your NIK is not registered after self-check, please contact the Ministry of Health's WhatsApp 0811 1050 0567, email [email protected], or Call Center at number 119 ext. 9

source: Ministry of Health

Only drugs and vitamins according to the package determined by the Ministry of Health can be redeemed for FREE. Drugs outside the package can be redeemed at an additional cost by the patient.

Package A (no symptoms/OTG)

Multivitamins C, B, E, Zinc with a dose of 1 x 1 amount of 10
Note: Dosage 10 days

Package B (mild symptoms)

  1. Multivitamin C, B, E, Zinc with a dose of 1x1 as much as 10
  2. Paracetamol 500mg tab of 10 (dose only if needed)
  3. Favipiravir 200mg 40 caplets


  1. Molnupiravir 200mg in a dose of 2x4 tabs (1-5 days) 40

Note: Dosage 10 days

source: Ministry of Health

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