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Useful Content

United Against COVID-19

United Against COVID-19 is an integrated information system to increase the acceleration of data recording in the context of accelerating the handling of COVID-19 in Indonesia.

This system will make it easier for the public to see the distribution of COVID-19 cases in real-time, encourage completeness and accuracy of data, and bridge the flow of logistics distribution to hospitals, laboratories, and the Health Service.

This system was built thanks to cross-ministerial, cross-institutional and cross-sectoral collaboration under the coordination of the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling COVID-19.


System Function

  • Accelerate the flow of data recording at the level of Puskesmas, Hospitals, Laboratories, and the Health Service
  • Knowing the locations prone to the spread of COVID-19 throughout Indonesia
  • Seeing the spread of COVID-19 cases
  • Recording of RDT examination results
  • Recording of logistics needs and distribution for hospitals, labs, and health offices


Mobile Apps for the Community

  • Knowing the vulnerable location
  • Assessing the risk of COVID-19
  • Self isolation feature
  • Online consultation with doctors and psychologists


Important Info