[FALSE] Covid-19 Vaccine Containing 3 Months Old Human Fetus

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The claim is false. In fact, fetal cells were obtained decades ago and are mostly used as tools, not vaccines.

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CATEGORY: Misleading Content

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SOURCE: Twitter
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“Try to explain
It's not wrong that there are many who oppose and strongly reject. Don't blame us because it's not in accordance with the scriptures of any religion. Unless you don't have a religion, go ahead. It's sad that many don't know and got a trap



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A Twitter account with the username "@elizabethlisa76" uploaded a video containing a narrative that the Covid-19 vaccine contains an aborted three-month-old human fetus.

After doing a search, the claim is false. Launching, fetal cells were obtained decades ago and mostly used as a tool, not a vaccine material.

In addition, according to, Johnson & Johnson uses fetal cells for "development, confirmation and production". In addition, according to Dr. James Lawler, an infectious disease expert at Nebraska Medicine. These fetal cells are also used by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna for their vaccine testing.

Thus, the narration uploaded by the Facebook account with the username “@elizabethlisa76” can be categorized as Misleading Content.

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