Beware of Hoaxes: Monkeypox is a Vaccine Effect |
Beware of Hoaxes: Monkeypox is a Vaccine Effect

A tweet circulated on Twitter containing a photo of a small child with a rash on his body, with a narrative that monkeypox was the effect of a vaccine, and calling for immediate treatment of vaccine detox efforts and not using chemical drugs because it will make it worse.

FACT it is misleading content. Indonesian epidemiologist for Griffith University Australia, Dicky Budiman, stated that the monkeypox virus has existed in animals for a long time. As for what makes a person infected with monkeypox, it is because of the spread of the virus, which is possible if humans consume infected animal meat and have not cooked it perfectly.

Be careful with hoaxes related to COVID-19, visit or so you won't be fooled!


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