PEN Program Realization Reaches 95.13 Trillion |
National Economic Recovery
PEN Program Realization Reaches 95.13 Trillion

The realization of the COVID-19 Handling and National Economic Recovery (PC-PEN) Budget as of 3 June 2022 reached Rp95.13 trillion or 20.9% of the budget allocation.

These achievements include the handling of Health in the amount of Rp. 24.46 trillion, mainly used for tax incentives for Vaccines/Medical Devices, as well as handling COVID-19 through the Village Fund.

In addition, the realization for the Community Protection sector amounted to Rp55.85 trillion, especially for the PKH program, Basic Food Cards, Pre-Employment Cards, Village BLT, Cooking Oil BLT, and BT-PKLWN.

As well as achievements in the strengthening sector of Economic Recovery: Rp. 14.83 trillion, especially for tourism, food, interest subsidies and IJP MSMEs, as well as tax incentives.

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